Monday, April 05, 2010

Countdown to Prizes - Monday

Monday night begins the countdown to Draft prizes! It's a big race between Larry, Dale B. and Wayne with only one week to go and there was only three games on Monday to get points from, so how did these guys fare tonight?

Larry opened up the week with only two points, thanks to Derrick Brassard and Alex Semin, and that was enough to keep him in 2nd place, but he only has a 1-point lead for that spot going into Tuesday's action.

Dale B. opened up the week in 3rd spot, but he only managed to pick up a pair of points as well, thanks to Carlo Colaiacovo and Dennis Wideman, a pair of defensemen. Kristian Huselius missed out on a chance to pick up points against the Blues and help him out.

It was a big night for Wayne, who picked up 4 points on the night and moved into 3rd spot, soley on the first tie-breaker, goals scored. Wayne had a big night from Nicklas Backstrom, who picked up 3 points against the Bruins, while Jakub Voracek had a point against the Blues. A great night to start out the week.

On the injury front, 1st place, Leon, was without Rick Nash on Monday night, thanks to an upper-body injury. The Blue Jackets did not go into great specific detail about the injury, but holding him out of the line-up wasn't going to hurt their playoff chances and it really only gives everyone in the top four the slightest of chances to catch Leon. Long shot, I know... real long shot.

Larry, on the other hand, really didn't want to see coach Bruce Boudreau scratch Mike Green on Monday night, but it happened. Green was kept out of the line-up on the first half of a back-to-back game set, with the second game being played against the Penguins, which should prove to be much harder than playing the Bruins. Obviously, Larry is looking for big things from Green Tuesday night, just so he can keep in 2nd place.

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