Sunday, February 26, 2017

Coyotes Deal Hanzal to Wild

2017 Season 2017 July 1st Status
To Minnesota Pos Age GP Goals Points Cap Years Cap
Martin Hanzal F 29 51 16 26 $1.65m 0 UFA
Ryan White F 28 46 7 13 $1m 0 UFA
2017 4th Round Draft Pick
To Arizona Pos Age GP Goals Points Cap Years Cap
Grayson Dowling F 24 0 0 0 $693k 0 RFA
Retained Cap Hit 50% $1.65m
2017 1st Round Draft Pick
2018 2nd Round Draft Pick
2019 Conditional Draft Pick

The Minnesota Wild won't have a draft pick in June until the 3rd round, thanks to the deal that brings them both forwards Martin Hanzal and Ryan White from the Arizona Coyotes.  The Wild were not shy in this deal, sending their 1st round pick, as the highlight of the deal, not to mention their 2nd round pick in 2018 and if conditions are met, they could lose a 2nd round pick in 2019 as well.  The conditions on the 2019 are as follows, thanks to Bob McKenzie: if the Wild win a playoff round this year, it will be a 3rd round pick and two rounds (or more) will make it a 2nd round pick.

Further to the draft comment above, the Wild were already without their 2017 2nd round pick, thanks to the deal that brought them Chris Stewart from Buffalo last year.

Nevertheless, the Wild add some more depth down the middle, which is already pretty thick, in the acquisition of Hanzal and there is also the acknowledgment that the playoffs are a tough time to play in, so some added muscle in White isn't necessarily a bad move either, especially at a reasonable cost.

Both players are scheduled to become unrestricted free agents and give the Wild a little more flexibility in the Summer, when the free agent period will roll around, if they decide not to sign them to contract extensions, results in the Spring pending.

ImplicationsBoth Hanzal and White are pool players, as of the second Waiver Draft, as Jeremy has the depth centre and Kristy & Don have the rugged winger for their PIM push.

Jeremy is in the fringe of the money race at the end of Week Twenty, with six weeks to go.  With some results still pending on Sunday, his team sits in 7th place, 25 points out of the money.  The move for Hanzal may increase his productivity some, but not that much.

Kristy & Don, on the other hand, still sit in 2nd place in the PIM pool, but have been steadily losing ground.  If White can get a regular shift, which isn't a guarantee, he will be out to protect some of those softer players and his minutes could come in handy.  The duo sit 58 minutes behind Marcie, unofficially, and only 8 minutes up on Eric.  They will need a big push from White, if they want any money back.

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