Monday, February 27, 2017

Flyers' Manning Down for Two

The Philadelphia Flyers will be down a man for their next couple home games, Tuesday against Colorado and Thursday against Florida, now that defenseman Brandon Manning has been suspended for two games.

Manning got nabbed for a high hit, which should have been called for interference, at the Stadium Series game on Saturday night, when he caught Jake Guentzel up high leaving the Pittsburgh defensive zone.   As the video below shows, the combination of the late hit and how high it was, earned Manning the ban.

The 26-year old defenseman was a Waiver Draft pick-up for Brenda & Seward this year, but it had really gone awry for them.  Since picking him up in the first draft, he has played in 30 games for the Flyers and has only picked up 1 assist in the process.  The duo are 18 points out of the money and are in desperate need of more points from somewhere, but it won't be from Manning in the early part of this week.

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