Friday, February 24, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Feb 24)

Scary moment this morning, as I was running through the survivor pool and saw an extra zero beside John's name.  Thankfully, it was a fixable error in the spreadsheet or else it would have been a major drama!

On Thursday night, the only survival start, Nashville's Pekka Rinne for Stacey M., was fruitful and Stacey is now poised and ready to take the win, if John's goalies are not up to snuff in the remainder of this week.

Chad Johnson (John S.) versus Roberto Luongo (Cam)
John might indeed benefit from the NHL schedule giving the Flames back-to-back games in the state of Florida, which means his goalie, Chad Johnson, should get the start, so they don't overwork Brian Elliott.  At the other end, Roberto Luongo will be back in net for the Panthers, out to play spoiler in the survivor pool.

Cam Talbot (Marcie) versus Braden Holtby (Jeremy)
In the money race, Marcie gets a chance with Cam Talbot to pad her team's spot in 3rd place, which is already at 13 points, but it could always be more, right?  Jeremy is 28 points behind and could really use 4 points from Braden Holtby tonight.

Plus, I get to use Washington's retro logo, since they'll be wearing those jerseys tonight.  Pretty snazzy, eh?

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