Thursday, February 23, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Feb 23)

It's Thursday, only four nights left this week and the anxiety should start to set in about now, as the starts are going to be limited, no matter which way you cut it.  Both Stacey M. and John S. are still looking for a win this week and there are three possible games below, where they *might* have a start.

Will they indeed have those starts?

Henrik Lundqvist (Grant) versus Frederik Andersen (Brian)
The Rangers are in Toronto tonight, but they are going back to the well with Henrik Lundqvist, keeping Antti Raanta on the bench as the back-up tonight.

A story line at the top of the standings sees Brian, our returning leader, getting a key start from the Maple Leafs, as he tries to break the tie with Dale B. with a win.  Frederik Andersen will have his hands full, but it should be a very entertaining game.

Brian Elliott (Derek B.) versus Ben Bishop (Dale C.)
John's only shot at a win tonight will be sitting on the bench, as the Calgary Flames continue to ride Brian Elliott on their road trip, as they head into Tampa to take on Dale's number one keeper, Ben Bishop.

Derek and Dale are only 5 points  away from each other in the overall standings, but they are 23rd and 21st, respectively, so the only story here is that John isn't getting his start.

Calvin Pickard (Derek B.) versus Pekka Rinne (Stacey M.)
It hasn't been confirmed at the time of the post, Derek is likely going to have a couple goalies going tonight and the second start is out to be a spoiler, as Calvin Pickard and the lowly Avalanche will look to spoil Stacey's only chance at a win tonight in Nashville.  The Predators are expected to go with Pekka Rinne tonight, as he was in the starter's net at the morning skate.

Stacey is only 12 points up on Derek as well, so if Derek could spoil the win and close the gap a little bit more, there's a little extra something in this game.

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