Sunday, February 26, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Feb 26)

It's kind of a busy Sunday, with more than a handful of games on the docket, likely making up for a less-than-busy Saturday night.  With the survivor pool already sorted for the week, we'll have a quick peek at the scheduled games for the day, hunting and pecking for some possible story lines worth following.

Is there anything in the money worth talking about?

Tuukka Rask (Troy) versus Kari Lehtonen (Dale C.)
No money talk here.  That unless Rask is going to go apeshit and start getting tossed out of games for one reason or another.  That would be some positive news for Troy's team, but otherwise, if this goaltending match-up is what it is, because there was no morning skate or confirmation, this is a basement dwelling game.

That being said, Troy goes into Sunday's action tied with two other teams in the standings for the Basement Dweller of the week nod and since his team is the measuring stick of a bad week, points wise, both Cam and John S. could be shamed badly in tomorrow's Newsletter if Rask gets this win.

Brian Elliot (Derek B.) versus Eddie Lack (Dropped)
Brian doesn't get any help from the Hurricanes today, as they have opted to go with Eddie Lack for a second straight game.  Brian has lost some ground on Dale B.'s team and Marcie's team is coming up from behind rather quickly, so this isn't the time to see your goalie take some extra time on the bench as the back-up.  It's too bad no one picked up Lack in that second Waiver Draft, because those points are now falling into oblivion.

It seems safe to assume that Elliott has won the starting job again for the Flames, as they have moved away from the 'win and you're in' mentality.  Johnson got the last start for the team on Friday night, working the back-to-backs, so I would say Elliott should get the call today.

Cam Talbot (Marcie) versus Pekka Rinne (Stacey M.)
We have some possible money action in Nashville this afternoon, as Marcie's team, which has already laid claim to some money this season, is looking to increase her stake with a win by the Oilers in Nashville tonight.  The Predators went with their back-up last night, so it would seem like they think more of the Oilers sending Rinne out to face Talbot, which could make this into a pretty good game.  This is the first half of the Hometown Hockey doubleheader on Sportsnet today... FYI.

Sergei Bobrovsky (Mike) versus Henrik Lundqvist (Grant)
You have to like a top end goaltending match-up like this one, as the 7th-ranked Bobrovsky goes up against number 16 Lundqvist in a great divisional goalie battle.  The Jackets are coming off a whipping of the boys in Brooklyn and know how to light the lamp, so it will be a tough go for the Rangers today, indeed.

Jake Allen (Mike) versus Corey Crawford (Marcin)
This Central Division battle should be a good one.  It doesn't carry a lot of intrigue in the hockey pool, but as we head down the stretch now towards the trade deadline and the playoffs, both teams are going to be sizing each other up, likely wondering if they could be facing each other in the opening round of the Spring Dance in April.  Mike possibly gets a second start here, while Marcin gets his only start of the day from the home team.

Craig Anderson (Wilton) versus James Reimer (Eric)
The Senators and Panthers game has a little bit of Newsletter interest in it, as Eric's team is far and away the best team in Week Twenty and he gets another start from Reimer and the Panthers on Sunday.  The Senators are far from a confident bunch, thanks to the injury situation to their forward group, but somehow, they will need to find some kind of offensive support for Anderson, if Wilton wants any points from this one.

Anders Nilsson (Ryan) versus Mike Smith (Marcie)
There has been no confirmation either way, but the match-up seems likely.  The Sabres are running on back-to-back nights, where they took a loss in Colorado, of all places, so Nilsson does seem somewhat likely to get one start in here against the lowly Coyotes.  The dogs, on the other hand, have been dealing with some goalie health issues of their own, but I would think that Smith gets the cage back, giving Marcie a second start on the night.  Again, nothing confirmed, could go one of a few ways here.

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