Friday, February 24, 2017

Stadium Series Pool Preview

Here we go!  Tomorrow will bring us the last outdoor game of the regular season and will bring us to the conclusion of the outdoor games mini-pool.  Let's kick this preview off with the current standings of all the teams that have registered points in this one, through the first three games this season.

Points PHI PIT
Marcie 6
Derek B. 3 Patric Hornqvist
Scott 3 Radko Gudas Matt Murray
Ivan Provorov
Mark Streit
Jeremy 3 Justin Schultz
Marcin 3
Stuart 3 Jakub Voracek
Troy 2
Brian 2
Mike 2 Kristopher Letang
Kristy & Don 2 Wayne Simmonds
Stacey C. 2
Dale B. 1 Trevor Daley
Grant 1
Clayton 1 Shayne Gostisbehere
Travis Konecny
Michal Neuvirth
Dale C. 1 Bryan Rust
Benson 0 Phil Kessel
Brenda & Seward 0 Brandon Manning Sidney Crosby
Steve Mason
Cam 0 Brayden Schenn Chris Kunitz
Ian Cole
Marc-Andre Fleury
John S. 0 Claude Giroux
Stacey M. 0 Nick Bonino
Tony 0 Evgeni Malkin
Wes 0 Michael Del Zotto

There is no second place in this one, so Marcie is the team to catch, but at this point, all the next best team has to do is tie her team in points and have one goal.  3 points is a big difference to make-up, so the next best team better get a shutout in this one or else, the winning team will have to score a bunch of goals.

Marcie doesn't have any representation in this game, so her lead is all she has left to lean on tomorrow.  Scott, only 3 points back, has a trio of Flyers defensemen and the likely starter for the home team in Matt Murray.  Derek B. has one scoring forward in Patric Hornqvist, who isn't a bad bet for a multi-point game, especially if he can get a goal and a couple of helpers, the title would be his.  Stuart would also line up as one of the outside shots of a 3-point game with Jakub Voracek, so he'll be one to watch too.

Clayton, 4 points back, has a trio of Flyers playing, while Cam, without a point, has a possible four players in this game, depending on the Pittsburgh starting goalie.  Brenda & Seward might also have to be considered, given they have Sidney Crosby and a possible starting goalie in Steve Mason, in case of a barn burner.

Hopefully, this game has some excitement to it.  It would really make for a good finish to the outdoor games pool this season.

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