Friday, February 03, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Feb 3)

Well, Stacey M. is through! Pekka Rinne earned the shutout against the Edmonton Oilers, which means she can relax for a few days and watch what John S.'s team does in the next three nights.

Starting with Friday night... what does John have in store for chances?

There's only one game with the potential of a John S. start and that is the Flames visiting the swamp to take on the Devils. Unfortunately for John, his goalie isn't the hot hand the team is running with, as Brian Elliott will get the start for Calgary, giving Derek B. a start and he'll be taking on Cory Schneider, Stuart's number one guy.

Calgary will have one more game to play this weekend and John will have to hope for a loss tonight, in order for his goalie to get a start.  His only other hope will come from Saturday night in Vancouver, when the Wild take on the Canucks.  We know who Stacey is cheering for, don't we?

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