Thursday, February 02, 2017

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Feb 2)

On Tuesday night, Columbus defenseman David Savard found his way back up to the press box again, thanks to an undisclosed injury.  There's no word on the severity or the usual hows or wheres it happened, so we'll just list him as day-to-day and see how that goes for now.

If Stacey C. sees that Savard is still injured, as we continue to roll into the 3rd round of the Waiver Draft, he would be the type of player that he could drop for a little bit of extra help.  The Jackets don't play again until Friday night, so there is time.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been cashing in on some of their younger players and it has really made them into a strong team, as they walk that fine line with the salary cap ceiling.  Unfortunately, forward Conor Sheary, one of those big contributors, will be out of the lineup for the next 4-to-6 weeks with an upper-body injury, but that might not be enough to derail the Penguins, as they go hunting for back-to-back Cups.

For Wilton, however, this is a definite 3rd round move candidate, as he could add another goon to his stable, as his team chases down Marcie's team, it just so happened that the competitive balance from the penalty box may have shifted towards his team.

Finally, it's a pick that hasn't been activated yet in the hockey pool, but Justin Williams was unable to dress for Washington's game on Wednesday night against the Bruins, thanks to a lower-body injury.  He's still got a few days to get healed up and return before he gets activated with the rest of the Waiver Draft picks and it doesn't sound too serious, at first glance, so we'll see.

If Eric so chooses and Williams is still injured at the start of the 3rd round, he, too, would be a candidate for a move, just in case there is no confidence that he'll be much better in the last nine weeks of the season.

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