Monday, February 13, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Feb 13)

It's a brand new week and the anxiety begins all over again for our last two teams, but as the schedule unfolds, the anxiety may not last very long, depending on tonight's results.  Both Stacey M. and John S. will get a start on Monday night, one more difficult than the other, but this is why they play the games... anything can happen!

The tougher of the two starts belongs to Stacey, as Antti Raanta is getting the nod for the Rangers tonight, with the Columbus Blue Jackets playing host.  Raanta hasn't had a start in a month and he gets a real tough test in Sergei Bobrovsky at the other side.  Mike's goalie, once ready to carry his team to the survivor pool title, will now have to try and play early-week spoiler tonight.  Oh, what a long way we've come this year.

John gets a much easier test for his goalie, Chad Johnson, as the Flames will play host to the lowly Arizona Coyotes tonight at the Saddledome.  At the time of writing this post, it is assumed that Mike Smith will be the goalie for the visiting dogs, which isn't a cake walk for the Flames, but the team in front of him is exceptionally questionable.  Marcie is hoping for a good effort from the Coyotes, as her pool team is hunting for dollars, this late into the season.

These are the only two games on the docket, which makes this post far more thorough than it has been in previous weeks.  Beauty!

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