Friday, February 24, 2017

Ducks Land Eaves From Dallas

2017 Season 2017 July 1st Status
To Anaheim Pos Age GP Goals Points Cap Years Cap
Patrick Eaves F 32 59 21 37 $1m 0 UFA
To Dallas Pos Age GP Goals Points Cap Years Cap
Conditional 2017 2nd Round Draft Pick

There had been quite a lot of chatter in the days leading up to today, as we approach the NHL trade deadline next week, that Patrick Eaves was definitely one of the highly sought after forwards, thanks to his production and his cap hit.  The Anaheim Ducks definitely anted up on this one, as they have offered a top notch draft pick, conditionally, to get the cost-effective winger.

It sounds like the 2nd round draft pick could move up to a 1st round pick, if the Ducks make it to the Conference Finals this year and Eaves plays at least half of the games to get there.  If Eaves can stay on the goal scoring pace that he is on this season, which might not be as easy as we think, it would pay off quite well for the Ducks.

In the pool, Mike is going to need a huge offensive boost from Eaves in this move for it to make any difference.  His team currently sits in 17th, only 2 points out of 14th, but too far back for the money conversation today.

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