Monday, February 20, 2017

Trouba Suspended for Two

The Winnipeg Jets are not only dealing with injuries of their own right now, but they are now having to go forward through the next two games without defenseman Jacob Trouba, thanks to a 2-game suspension, handed out by the NHL Department of Player Safety on Monday.

Trouba was nabbed for his illegal check to the head of Ottawa's Mark Stone, which was a clear chicken wing elbow to the chin, instead of a full body, shoulder-to-shoulder hit, which should have happened to stay within the letter of the law.  The clip suggests that Stone didn't return to the game, but may not have suffered much of an injury at all, which is positive news for the Senators, but didn't help Trouba's case for a lesser punishment.

This is a pretty big revelation, as Trouba belongs to our new pool leader, Dale B., and with the Winnipeg Jets only projected to play one game this week, Dale won't see the 23-year old defender until Week Twenty-One, when the Jets play at home against St. Louis on March 3rd.

This season, Trouba has 5 goals and 24 points in 47 games with the Jets, a little better than half a point per game.  In theory, that means Dale may only miss out on 1 point, on the season average, which isn't too bad, but it will feel like something much worse, given that the schedule works against the Jets at this time of the season.

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