Friday, March 03, 2017

Cammalleri Week-to-Week

The New Jersey Devils are now cruising towards the off-season, with very little hope of anything more to come after the regular season and whatever hope they may have had could have been salted away with the loss of Mike Cammalleri for the next week and possibly more, after he was hurt on Thursday night against the Washington Capitals.

Cammalleri hasn't exactly been the team's scoring leader, by any stretch, currently ranking 6th in pool scoring on the squad with 10 goals and 30 points in 55 games, but he's still a big part of the team moving forward.  The 34-year old is relied upon for his leadership qualities and his veteran presence, as much as his scoring.

The coaching staff said that they will reevaluate the scoring winger after a week and see where they are with his progress, before making any further decisions, which isn't exactly a positive sign.

Stuart's team is losing ground on the group that is just on the outside of the money, sitting in 10th place and already 14 points behind 8th place and 29 points out of the money.  This injury could be what puts the nail in the coffin for his overall hopes.

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