Friday, March 31, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Mar 31)

The early indications on Friday were suggesting that out of the seven games on the schedule, that only one of them were going to feature a goalie that is in the money race.

Jonathan Quick (Kristy & Don) versus Ryan Miller (Brenda & Seward)
And here is that one game that involves the money, as Brenda & Seward, now 6th and 10 points back of 3rd place, will have their goalie go up against a team that is desperate for wins in their waning moments of playoff hope.  The Kings really need a lot of help, as much as they need this win, but for the hockey pool, the pool's second duo really need this win over the pool's first duo.

Matt Murray (Scott) versus Henrik Lundqvist (Grant)
The New York Rangers will be wearing their alternate jerseys tonight, which are pretty sharp, I should say.  If the Penguins and Rangers were to meet up in some fashion, the way that the standings are right now, it would be in the Conference Finals, but that doesn't make this any less interesting of a game.  Two good goalies, but no real value in the hockey pool right now.

Jake Allen (Mike) versus Calvin Pickard (Derek B.)
The Colorado Avalanche are going to be in their alternate duds as well tonight, but their task will be to keep the St. Louis Blues from clinching, playing spoiler.  It appears it would be a pretty tough task with this goalie match-up holds up.  The Avalanche have not been good enough to even play spoiler this season, so Allen and the Blues should be cake walking their way into a playoff spot... in theory!

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