Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Race to the Sin Bin (Mar 29)

Hold the presses! A 25-minute night from Nashville's Cody McLeod, 7 minutes from Ottawa's Mark Borowiecki, 7 minutes from Toronto's Matt Martin and a minor penalty from Washington's Dmitry Orlov and all of a sudden, Troy's team is only 47 minutes behind Marcie's team for the PIM pool lead. If his team didn't just pick up 41 minutes in one night, I would really question whether or not to actually write this post, but here we are. The race might just be back on!

We'll just concentrate on the match-up between Marcie and Troy's team in these posts, but it is interesting again and with little time to spare.  There are only four games on the schedule on Wednesday night, but only three of them feature players in this clearly defined race, so let's have a look at who's out for blood tonight.

The Calgary Flames feature three players in the race, two for Marcie and one for Troy.  Sam Bennett, the PIM leader going into the night, and Michael Frolik will go for the pool leader, while Troy's team will have Sean Monahan, who has only chipped in with 18 minutes this year, likely won't be chucking any knuckles tonight, unless Troy can make some phone calls.

Marcie and Troy each have one Capitals player each in the game in Denver tonight, as Marcie features T.J. Oshie, who has 34 minutes in penalties, while Troy has Orlov, who picked up 2 minutes last night and has 49 minutes on the season.  Neither are expected to pick up many minutes, if any, but like last night, Troy did pick up a couple, so there's always a chance.

Finally, the late game is in the desert tonight, where the Coyotes also feature a couple more players for Marcie, defenseman Alex Goligoski, who has 28 minutes to his name and also goaltender Mike Smith, who also has 14 minutes to his name, as he has chipped in once and a while this year.  Unfortunately for Marcie, Smith isn't going to get the start tonight, so he'll need to come into the game in relief to have any shot at penalty minutes, unless he chirps from the bench and earns a 10-minute misconduct.

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