Saturday, March 04, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Mar 4)

It is going to be somewhat of a busy Saturday, with 10 games on the schedule tonight, all of which are starting in the evening.  The lack of afternoon action means we can go about our day and not worry about missing out on some of that key action today.

Looking at the schedule, it isn't a big day for the money teams, as Dale B. doesn't have any potential starters, nor does Brian, only 1 point back and Marcie, 11 points back of Brian, does have one potential game and it doesn't come until the late game of the night.

I wonder if there is really anything in tonight's action worth talking about. Let's work our way down the standings, see if there is anything worth getting jittery about.

Jared Coreau (N/A) versus Cam Talbot (Marcie)
The Oilers are right in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race and they haven't played since Tuesday night, which means Talbot should get the start for Marcie's team tonight.  The Red Wings were in Calgary last night and they should go back to the kid for this one, since Jimmy Howard isn't quite ready yet.

Steve Mason (Brenda & Seward) versus Braden Holtby (Jeremy)
This post was done pretty early, so there really is no confirmation that either goalie in this game are going to go, but it seems reasonable that we should see the best pool match-up in the standings, as the duo are holding a 2-point advantage on the reigning champ and both their goalies could very well go head-to-head.

Ryan Miller (Brenda & Seward) versus Jonathan Quick (Kristy & Don)
Every indication would suggest that the other late game for Hockey Night in Canada will have the battle of the duos, as Brenda & Seward will get a second start from their Vancouver keeper, since they have no one else to go and Kristy & Don will see their number one pick get an easy one to help get his legs back against the Canucks.

Kari Lehtonen (Dale C.) versus James Reimer (Eric)
This is Eric's time to climb to the standings, getting regular starts from the Florida Panthers and there's are very few opponents better for giving up wins than the Dallas Stars.  If the Panthers have their game together, they should be able to play as inhospitable hosts to the defense-less Stars and Eric can continue to climb the ranks.

Andrei Vasilevskiy (Ryan) versus Robin Lehner (N/A)
The last of the money teams in the conversation belongs to Ryan right now and he's getting a bunch of bonus starts, since the Lightning were able to deal Ben Bishop away to the Kings.  Andrei Vasilevskiy will get the nod against the Sabres tonight, since Peter Budaj got the nod last night.  Ryan's team sits in 8th place, 16 points out of the money.

Carey Price (Benson) versus Henrik Lundqvist (Grant)
And for no better reason than to use the Rangers heritage jersey logo on the blog, we'll highlight this top end goalie match-up, between Price and Lundqvist.  Benson sits in 14th and Grant is down in 17th, 17 points between the two sides.  Nothing will be decided between them with this result, but that logo does look pretty good.

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