Thursday, March 30, 2017

Race to the Sin Bin (Mar 30)

When we last left the PIM pool, racing to the sin bin last night, Marcie's team held a 47-minute advantage over Troy's team and a decided advantage in bodies playing on Wednesday night. Well, the lead remains at 47 minutes, as there wasn't nearly as much play from the goons of the top two teams in the mini-game. Wilton had himself a pretty good night, but his team is still in 4th place, still 90 minutes behind Marcie's for 1st place.

The schedule is chalk full of games on this Thursday night, with nine games scheduled to go, so Marcie and Troy should have lots of representation... in theory.  Let's find out for sure.

Troy has the biggest goon of the night, actually the top five, when compared to Marcie's team.  The traveling Senators boast defenseman Mark Borowiecki, who has 145 minutes this season, 59 of those minutes in Troy's coffers after being activated from the Waiver Draft.  Troy also has the benefit of Wild defenseman Matt Dumba in this game and he could be due for a breakout game in the penalty box.

The Maple Leafs and Predators could feature some good fisticuffs, if the game goes pear-shaped at all. Troy has both Cody McLeod for the hosts and Matt Martin for the visitors, but Marcie does have some minor penalty potential from the visitors as well, having three skaters going, all three less than 40 minutes in penalties each.  Maybe they will be able to nickel and dime their way to the PIM pool win.

There could be some bad blood spilled in Winnipeg tonight, as there are plenty of players between these two teams in the pool.  Troy has Chris Thorburn for the host Jets tonight, as well as Josh Manson and Jared Boll, assuming that they'll dress.  Marcie also has Ryan Kesler in this game, so there is some definite potential for some rough stuff, especially if someone crosses the line, one way or another.

The last game, worthy of noting, would be the San Jose and Edmonton game, where Marcie does have some good representation in Brent Burns for the Sharks and Patrick Maroon for the Oilers.  Maroon is the better bet of the two players to really mix it up and with the potential of a playoff match-up at some time this Spring, these two might need to get to know each other a bit first.

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