Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 28)

It's not the biggest deal in the pool right now, but it is worth mentioning, since he is in the pool, but Micheal Haley of the San Jose Sharks was suspended on Monday for a single game, which will be served tonight, with the Rangers in town for a visit.

Haley was picked up in the pool by Wilton, who was hoping to jump up in the PIM pool race, trying to salvage his season with some mini-game success.  The Sharks winger has been pretty good for him, picking up 50 minutes in penalties in 22 games, but that isn't near enough to climb into the race, as his team sits 5th, 94 minutes behind 1st place, now with less than two weeks to go.

Keeping an eye on the Toronto goaltending situation, it sounds like Frederik Andersen suffered a jaw injury on the weekend and he is currently day-to-day with the Maple Leafs. Andersen will sit out Tuesday night's game, with the Florida Panthers in town and his availability for their next game, Thursday night in Nashville, is still being labeled as questionable.

This is remarkably good news for Brian's team, as a long-term injury would be rather devastating to his 1st place money hopes.  His team remains 4 points up on Dale B.'s team, but now Eric's team is coming up in the rear view mirror, only 9 points back.

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