Thursday, March 02, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Mar 2)

The trade deadline really put a damper, no matter how quiet it was, on doing some of the regular blogging, which was why the goalie post didn't occur.

Nevertheless, both of our surviving teams have qualified for Week Twenty-Two, as John got his win on Tuesday night, so now we look ahead and we'll probably look at the money race, maybe the Mover & Shaker and possibly even the Basement Dweller.

Okay, all I really want to do is use some of the 3rd jersey or retro jersey logos from time to time.

Cory Schneider (Stuart) versus Braden Holtby (Jeremy)
Retro jersey alert!  Yeah, the Capitals are scheduled to wear their retros tonight, which earns them a post.  Jeremy is 14 points out of the money, while Stuart is 13 points behind Jeremy, only three places back.

Schneider has been getting the short end of the stick, playing so many games for a Devils team that doesn't have much game, but at least he's kept busy.  Holtby, on the other hand, is now tied for top spot in the pool scoring ranks and has been well worth the 1st overall pick this year.

Roberto Luongo (Cam) versus Steve Mason (Brenda & Seward)
Cam was a money team for a little while, but a couple of poor weeks really set his team back.  The climb starts now with Luongo in net, as he tries to catch Brenda & Seward, who are 16 points ahead in 5th place, five places better than his team.  If his goalie can beat their goalie, that would be a good start to making that comeback.

Mike Smith (Marcie) versus Robin Lehner (Dropped)
Marcie's 3rd place team isn't gaining any ground, so far this week, now 10 points back of 2nd place in the standings, but she'll see her team get a start from the Arizona Coyotes, who are sending Mike Smith out to face Robin Lehner tonight.

The Coyotes are going to be in tough after selling a number of pieces at the deadline, while the Sabres stood pat with their club.  It is still the Sabres, but they haven't been too bad of late, making it a tough match-up for Arizona.

Calvin Pickard (Derek B.) versus Craig Anderson (Wilton)
If the Senators weren't wearing their 3rd jerseys tonight, I probably wouldn't consider them going on the post, but that O looks pretty good.  Anderson gives Wilton the first of two starts tonight, as his struggling pool team tries to move up on his namesake, who has a starter going for Colorado tonight and is only 3 points up on his team.

Thomas Greiss (Dale B.) versus Antti Niemi (Wilton)
A money game in Dallas, where the Islanders will send Dale's goalie to the crease, so he can try to reclaim the lead in the hockey pool standings.  Dale dropped the lead to Brian on Wednesday night and now trails by 2 points, something Greiss should be able to get against the defenseless Stars team.

Niemi gets to go for the Stars tonight, giving Wilton two starts, as he tries to find his way out of the Basement Dweller spoot.

Frederk Andersen (Brian) versus Jonathan Quick (Kristy & Don)
If Dale B. can get that win with the Islanders, Brian will need a win from the Maple Leafs tonight to keep that buffer between the two teams.  The Leafs are in Los Angeles and they'll be trying to play spoiler on the Kings' hopes for the playoffs, as they retooled at the deadline.  Andersen versus Quick should be a very good goalie match-up.

Ryan Miller (Brenda & Seward) versus Aaron Dell (Unpicked)
The pool's second duo only sit 10 points back of the money, but the Canucks sold off some pieces to help their rebuild along, so it could be a tough test against the red hot Sharks.  Miller gets a good goalie match-up in the back-up, Dell, but that's no guarantee, since those Sharks are pretty good, especially at home.

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