Thursday, December 03, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Dec 3)

We're going into night four of the week and only three of seven surviving teams have clinched their spot into Week Ten: Dale B., Derek W. and Allan.  The other four, with chances to clinch already, have yet to have results, which is making the weekend look more and more interesting.

One all-survivor match-up tonight, Corey Crawford and Craig Anderson will go head-to-head for Stuart and John P., with the Blackhawks and Senators doing battle in Ottawa.  The loser will have to hope they have enough starts Friday through Sunday to get them through.  I can tell you that Stuart has one more Blackhawks game to look forward to, while John has lots of opportunities, in theory, between his two goalies this weekend.  An Ottawa win would put Stuart on the hot seat.

Two more goalies are going for the pool and they both belong to Jeremy, who still needs a win.  He'll get a rare start out of Eddie Lack for the Hurricanes, as they host the Devils and Keith Kinkaid (non-pool) tonight, not a bad shot at a win there.  If that fails, he'll also have Braden Holtby for the travelling Capitals, as they take on Mike Condon (John R. next week) and the Canadiens at the Bell Centre.

The weekend should be a ton of fun for the survivor pool, as we could potentially have three teams still in need of wins tomorrow and an outside chance that four teams could still need wins.

One other notable starts tonight will see Kari Lehtonen (Dale C.) returning to the Stars' crease after an injury, as they take on Ryan Miller (Clayton) and the Canucks in Vancouver.

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