Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Race to the Sin Bin (Dec 30)

What a great night for PIM it was on Tuesday, as the pool took in all kinds of big minutes from some altercations and hulla-baloo's through the schedule. Through 16 NHL games this week, the pool is averaging 12.9 minutes in penalties, a minor penalty more per game better than our best week, so far this season.

Let's hope the trend continues!

There's nothing that says loving like a couple of combatants that were picked in the Waiver Draft, especially for this pool mini-game.  It's New Jersey and Ottawa tonight and that means it will be Jordin Tootoo (Wes) versus Chris Neil (Derek & Dan) and this could be a good one.  Will it be rough and tumble like Ottawa had in Boston last night?  Probably not.  But Neil did pick up 14 minutes, so maybe he's fired up for some more fun in the box.

Derek & Dan has made up 6 minutes on Wes already this week and I'm sure he could use a few more minutes, going through one of his own guys to get there.

5th place in the PIM pool, Dale C., he'll have one of his big guys going in Wayne Simmonds, as the Flyers are in San Jose to take on the Sharks.  The Sharks tough guy, Brent Burns, belongs to 2nd place, Dale B., who is now 22 minutes behind Wes for top spot.  I don't think Burns is the type of guy that will go buck wild, rather just chip in.

Let's not forget about 4th place, Brian... his top goon of the night is also in the Ottawa/New Jersey game, as he has Devils defenseman Adam Larsson, who has been good for 44 PIM to date.  Not exactly a goon, but he has been contributing when he can this year.

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