Friday, November 16, 2018

A Trade of Two Ryans

2019 Season July 1st, 2018
To Edmonton POS Age GP Goals Points Years Cap Hit
Ryan Spooner F 26 16 1 2 2 $3.1 mil
To New York POS Age GP Goals Points Years Cap Hit
Ryan Strome F 25 18 1 2 2 $3.1 mil
Retained Salary $900k

It's a tale of two Ryans that are running eerily similar paths in this 2019 season, so much so, they have been dealt for one another on Friday, trying to revive some very poor starts to their seasons.

The Oilers acquired Ryan Spooner from the Rangers, who has been a healthy scratch a few times and as recently has last night, while going to the Big Apple is Ryan Strome, who also couldn't find the right footing in Edmonton in the last year and a bit.  Both players have a goal and an assist this season, the Rangers held some of Spooner's existing salary on a deal he signed in the summer, so the cap hits don't change for either team and both teams will hope for the best in giving these guys a new start.

Yes, both players were taken in the hockey pool draft, Spooner taken in the 12th round, 285th overall, by Kristy & Don, while Strome was taken in the 13th round, 301st overall, by Tony, well within one round of each other, but the season-to-date for the pool teams hasn't been nearly as eerily similar, as the duo are up in 4th place, while Tony's team struggles in 18th. 

For both teams, this is the chance to get a change in fortunes, almost like a Waiver Draft pick, activated two and a half weeks early.

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