Sunday, November 25, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Nov 25)

It's the last day of action before we decide the order of the Waiver Draft and there are some spots that could be gained or lost still today, possibly improving your pick or watching your closest rivals improve upon their pick.  But you know, improving your pick means that you're going down in the standings, right?

Frankly, it's not a terrible time to drop a position, if you're only giving up a point or two, but if your team ends up going on a run today and you leapfrog a bunch of teams to fall in the Waiver Draft order, you might not get that replacement player that you had your heart set out for.

Only four games to finish off the week, including one afternoon game, so we'll post what we've got nice and early and we'll all hope for the desired outcome, whatever that might be.

Mike Smith (Brian) versus Antti Raanta (Brian)
Brian's team opens up play today in 15th place, currently holding the 11th pick in the Waiver Draft, if we were to have decided the order today and he'll be getting at least 2 points from the Calgary/Arizona game, since he has both starting goalies, both confirmed, today.  His team is 6 points back of 14th and 6 points ahead of 16th, so there is a fine chance that no matter the result here today, Brian will remain in 15th place and have the 11th pick.

Cory Schneider (Tony) versus Louis Domingue (N/A)
Tony's team has a chance at some movement today, as his team is 17th at the start of play, 3 points back of 16th and only 2 points up on 18th, so there's some potential for movement there.  His goalie, Cory Schneider, will get the nod against the Lightning today and he gets one of the top potential goalie pickups in the Waiver Draft, Louis Domingue.

John Gibson (Kristy & Don) versus Pekka Rinne (John P.)
This game doesn't have a confirmed goalie at the time of this post, but if we're looking for possible keepers, look no further than the number ones tonight.  Kristy & Don are opening up in 5th place, 3 points behind 3rd place, 4 points up on 6th place, and they have five projected games today, so their value of their pick could change today.  John P. is stuck in the middle of a tight race too, opening up in 8th place and some good results could get him close to the top five.

Cam Talbot (Mike) versus Cal Petersen (N/A)
Mike's team is still looking for their survival win this week and the Kings might very well just give it to him, as the Oilers will get a young goalie on back-to-back nights.  Cam Talbot is going to get the nod for the Oilers, who will not only be looking for survival, he could help Mike's team drop down in the Waiver Draft order as well, as Mike's team is tied with John P. in points, but not in tie-breakers and his team is only 1 point behind Steve's 7th place team, so there is lots of possible movement here today.  Mike's team is one of three teams in the pool that has six projected games today.

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