Monday, November 26, 2018

Coyotes Acquire Schmaltz

2019 Season July 1st, 2018
To Arizona POS Age GP Goals Points Years Cap Hit
Nick Schmaltz F 22 23 2 11 1 $925k
To Chicago POS Age GP Goals Points Years Cap Hit
Dylan Strome F 21 20 3 6 2 $863k
Brendan Perlini F 22 22 2 6 1 $863k

A trade!  A trade!  A trade!

The Arizona Coyotes acquired Nick Schmaltz from the Blackhawks on Sunday night, sending a couple of young players the other way, pretty well trading for the same amount of scoring production in either direction.

Schmaltz has been pretty good for the Blackhawks, although not exceptional, but he should bring a little bit more stable scoring to the Coyotes.  The kicker to this deal is likely what Schmaltz would be looking for in his next contract, as he is coming out of his entry-level deal and has put up some decent numbers early on in his career and the Blackhawks are trying to find some balance against the salary cap in some transition years and probably didn't want to be weighed down by another big deal.

The Blackhawks get a couple more kids, both currently on entry-level deals, in Dylan Strome and Brendan Perlini, neither having made any consistent contributions to the offense in the desert and will try to find their stride with the Blackhawks.  Certainly, the Blackhawks are hoping that these two can turn it around, but it's less of a sure thing that they will want big money like Schmaltz may have wanted in his next deal.

Only one of the three players have any pool value today and that is Schmaltz, as he belongs to Ryan's 14th place team this year.  Getting dealt from the 23rd place team in the league to the 29th place team doesn't sound very good, especially since Arizona is the 30th ranked team in goals scored this year, but that's what he's coming in to do... rectify that situation. 

I think ends up being somewhat of a loss for Ryan's team, unless Schmaltz can find some magic with one of the other young players that they have acquired in recent months, like Alex Galchenyuk.

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