Friday, November 30, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Nov 30)

It's Friday!  Only five games on the schedule tonight, no games for the survival pool, but the weekend should still be interesting for Stacey M.'s team, which is still in need of their win for this week.

No, tonight we'll focus on the Mover & Shaker and Basement Dweller again, as those races have been deemed important, by the author of this blog.

Up top, Stuart surpassed Ryan's team for the lead in the Mover & Shaker, which the lead total now stands at 22 points.  Ryan is only 2 points back and Stacey M., still in need of a win, is only 4 points back.

Brenda & Seward pulled away a little bit from John P., tying Chelsea with 7 points this week, leaving John alone at 3 points, at the start of play tonight.  John didn't have any luck with his goalies yesterday and won't have any help there today.

Linus Ullmark (Steve) versus James Reimer (Dale C.)
The Buffalo Sabres had their winning streak snapped last night, but they get right back at it with the first of two starts for Steve tonight.  He sees Linus Ullmark go for the visitors tonight, while the home side will go back to the well with James Reimer, looking to bounce back from a loss on Wednesday to the Ducks.  Both Steve and Dale are tied at 15 points this week, well short of the Mover & Shaker, but a win tonight draws them ever closer.

Keith Kinkaid (Neil) versus Braden Holtby (Stacey C.)
The Capitals will be donning their throwback alternate jerseys tonight for their game against the Devils and Stacey C. will look to his Washington goalie to help him get closer to the Mover & Shaker, sitting 7 points back of top spot, while Neil's team hasn't fared quite as well, but he gets his New Jersey keeper tonight, trying to keep his team clear of the Basement Dweller, starting 6 points clear.

John Gibson (Kristy & Don) versus Curtis McElhinney (Picked)
Wilton will get his first look at his newly-acquired goalie for the Hurricanes tonight, but still, his points, if he earns any, won't count tonight, since he won't be active until Monday.  Still, he can show his new pool team that he chose well in this case.  On the other side, it will be the Anaheim Ducks tonight and they will start their number one, John Gibson.  The duo are in the mix at the top of the weekly standings, up with 16 points, but it will be a tough test in Carolina, it's not a slam dunk 2 points anymore.

Jake Allen (Steve) versus Semyon Varlamov (Wilton)
The second of Steve's starts tonight comes in Colorado, again with the visiting goalie, as Jake Allen and the Blues are in Denver to take on Semyon Varlamov and the Avalanche.  Steve's team is tied for 17th in the pool for goalie points with 24, as we near the end of the first segment, and his counterpart in this game, Wilton, sits 2 points ahead of him in this statistic, tied for 13th with 26.  It's a shame Wilton only gets the one start to count tonight.

Cal Petersen (N/A) versus Mike Smith (Brian)
In the other late game tonight, the Calgary Flames play host to the Los Angeles Kings and we know for sure that the Flames will be sending Mike Smith to the crease, we're not 100% sure who the Kings starter will be, but we'll assume they're not going to rush Jonathan Quick back into action with back-to-back nights worth of starts.  That would be silly.  Brian should be the only pool team getting a go here, his team is at 14 points for this week and he could really use a return to form from his his Flames keeper.

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