Friday, November 09, 2018

Stars Lose Klingberg For a While

Bad news for the Dallas Stars, as one of their prized defensemen, John Klingberg, was hurt in Thursday night's game against the San Jose Sharks and the team has already reported that he will miss the next three weeks with an upper-body injury.  Klingberg reportedly suffered the injury while blocking a shot.  We'll see if there is any more clarification on what the injury is, but three weeks with an upper-body injury is his official listing.

Klingberg has been off to a great start this year offensively, scoring 5 goals and 13 points in 16 games with the club, good enough for 81st overall in hockey pool scoring, 6th among all defensemen.  Three weeks will certainly put a solid dent in those rankings, missing upwards of around a dozen games.

With a little bit more time, Eric could have been getting the proper value for his pick here, as he took him with the 60th overall selection in the draft.  He certainly wasn't far off and with the offense that the Stars could produce, he could certainly get up there.  Klingberg was one of Eric's top performers and finishing Thursday night in 14th place may see that spot slide out of his grasp without him for a while.

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