Friday, June 06, 2008

Flyers & Oilers Move Prospects

On Friday, the Flyers and Oilers made a swap of prospects that never quite made the cut in the big leagues with their now former clubs, in hopes that they can make a name for themselves elsewhere.

The Flyers acquired Danny Syvret from Edmonton, a 23-year old defender who was drafted in the third round in 2005. A diminutive player at 5'11". Syvret has managed to get 26 NHL games under his belt with the Oilers, recording a single assist. Syvret came with good expectations, as he had a good junior career, but couldn't find a spot on a regular basis. The Flyers could use a smaller, mobile defenseman to offset some of their size that they already have employed.

For the Oilers, they receive Ryan Potulny, another third rounder in 2005, who is also 23. Known for his good hands, Potulny is also quite small, but will have some sympathy, if not some more confidence, playing with a smaller & faster Oilers squad over in the Western Conference. His career numbers include 7 goals and 7 assists in 44 career games with Philly.

To PhiladelphiaAgeGames/MINPointsContract (July 1st)
Danny Syvret, D2300Restricted Free Agent
To Edmonton
Ryan Potulny, F2371Restricted Free Agent

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