Saturday, June 21, 2008

Three Way Deal

A three way deal on Draft Day sees Mike Cammalleri head to Calgary, Los Angeles gets Anaheim's 12th overall pick and the Ducks get Calgary's 17th pick and Los Angeles' 28th pick.

To CalgaryAgeGamesPointsContract
Mike Cammalleri, F2663471 year, $3.35 million
To Los Angeles
Anaheim's 12th Overall Pick (traded to BUF)
To Anaheim
Calgary's 17th Overall Pick (Jake Gardiner)
Los Angeles' 28th Overall Pick (traded to PHO)

Obviously the biggest part of the deal was seeing Cammalleri move to the Flames, which would then open the door for the deal sending Alex Tanguay to the Canadiens. Cammalleri brings age to the Flames with the equivalent (or close) amount of skill that Tanguay takes away at a more reasonable cost. Cammalleri is also a player who can play on his own and doesn't necessarily need the best players to play with him to be effective. Saying that, he won't have to worry much about that, since Calgary is stocked with good young wingers.

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