Monday, February 22, 2010

Round Robin Is Done

Super Sunday saw the best match-ups in the Olympic Round Robin and we saw some pretty good hockey during the day. Russia dumping the Czechs, USA outdueling Canada and Sweden blanking Finland. All six teams feature in the Olympics Sheet Pool, all having a pretty big effect on the standings through three games a piece for each team.

Going into the qualification round, Chris M. has a small 1-point lead, with first to ninth is only separated by 4 points, so there is no getting comfortable with only eight players on each team and only 12 teams. It's good and tight, except when you drop below ninth place, as last place, Clayton, now sits 11 points back of first place.

For scoring in the tournament so far, Henrik Lunqvist leads the way with two wins and two shutouts, which is 8 points in the scoring race. Lundqvist was taken twice, by Chris M. & Jonny C., so you know what you're up against here. Lundqvist is obviously enjoying playing with his fellow countrymen again and Sweden will get the winner of the Slovakia/Norway match-up on Tuesday, which should be huge.

For a great look at what the schedule looks like going forward, click here to see how the match-ups will play out.

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