Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Sheet Stats to Pass Along

This is only the second season that I've run the 32-box format for the Sheet pool and I think its worked out quite well, don't you? So, when comparing pools, I won't be able to look at a lot of information, but I can compare this season to last season and see what we come up with. There should be some interesting tidbits in there somewhere right?

In 2009, our winner, Dale C. finished with 1,784 points, so I'm thinking that its fair to say that if a team hits the 1,800-point mark, they should be clear to win. With six weeks to go in the season, John P. sits at 1,374 points, which leaves him 426 points in those six weeks to hit that mark and that is fairly reasonable the way that points are being scored this season.

The fifth place finisher, the last money spot, finished with 1,708 points in 2009, so there was less than a 100-point difference (76 points) from first to fifth. With six weeks to go, the difference in 2010 sits at 75 points, which leads me to believe that we'll have a bigger gap this year, unless John has a major collapse.

The gap between first and last in 2009 finished off at 441 points in a field of 44 participants. I would have to believe that the larger group of participants in the pool would have a greater chance of a larger gap, but that's certainly not a guarantee. The gap that's formed this season in a field of only 41 participants now sits at 339 points with six weeks to go. If you were to determine the pace of how quickly the gap came about in 20 weeks, the current pace would have the gap finish off at 440 points. Very interesting.

In 2009, the record week for points was 91 points, one of two max weeks that have eclipsed the 90-point mark. Jeremy A. and Dale C. were the two teams that had 91 & 90 points as their highs through the year. Already in 2010, we have seen five teams clip over 90 points, some more than once, but the record week is 99 points, which was set by Clayton earlier in the season. There is a simple explanation as to why there are so many high weeks and its because of the break we're currently experiencing and the condensed schedule that is being played in the NHL.

With only six weeks to go, we are going to expect a lot of points to come down the pipe, because there will be no less than 51 games in the weeks ahead, which means there is ample opportunity for big points. I can't stress this enough... make your trades!

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