Thursday, June 09, 2011

Leafs Give Reimer New Deal

The Toronto Maple Leafs have now taken care of one of their top priorities for the 2011 off-season, as they have signed potential restricted free agent James Reimer to a new 3-year deal, reportedly worth $5.4 million, which works out to be a $1.8 million cap hit per season.

Reimer came in for goaltending relief midway through the regular season for the Leafs and provided a pretty good argument as to why he should be allowed to stick around.  Reimer appeared in 37 games for Toronto, picking up a record of 20-10-5 with 3 shutouts and 1assist for 47 points in 2011.  That was good enough to rank him 28th among all goalies in pool scoring, which makes him a viable pick-up in the pool drafts next year, possibly even higher.

This gives the Leafs 14 players signed on and a buyout on the books for $38.7 million, which gives the team plenty of wiggle room to play with.  Reimer's deal does not burden the team in any way, actually comes away as a pretty good deal, if his numbers continue going the way they were at the end of the regular season.  Reimer's lack of accomplishments in the NHL was likely the biggest reason for the lower cap hit, but the years are definitely low for early returns on some big numbers over the next couple of years.  The Leafs should still be in play for the big free agents this Summer.

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