Thursday, June 23, 2011

Official 2011-2012 Salary Cap Number Announced

Salary CapAs tweeted on Thursday afternoon, the NHL has finally confirmed what the salary cap number are going to look like for the upcoming 2011-'12 season. The cap will go up significantly, even more so than the unofficial number suggested, moving up by 8.2% to $64.3 million, while the cap floor has gone up by 11.3% to $48.3 million.

With a flurry of activity this afternoon, the Flames are now the highest team against the cap with $56.1 million for 17 players and a buyout projected for 2012, leaving $8.3 million for four to six players.  The Panthers are still the lowest today, having only 11 players signed on at $17.3 million, leaving $31 million still to be spent this year.

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