Friday, June 03, 2011

Stafford Re-Signs in Buffalo

The Sabres have now taken care of their highest scoring player that was heading towards free agency, as they have signed Drew Stafford to a new 4-year deal, reportedly worth $16 million. The Sabres have money to spend now and making an investment in Stafford is a wise move for Buffalo, especially since he was one of the team's better players in 2011.

Stafford finished season with 31 goals and 21 assists in 62 games in 2011, dealing with a myriad of different injuries, missing upwards of 11 games in a single stretch.  His health may have been mildly inconsistent, but his numbers were still very impressive, so he was rewarded this Summer with a brand new deal and will provide that extra offensive boost next season as well.

Salary CapThis deal now brings the Sabres projected salary cap number up to $44.8 million for 13 players and a buyout, which should leave them a budget of about $2 million in cap space for every player remaining to be signed for the 2012 season. That's some pretty good work done by some pretty good management, I'd say.

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