Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eriksson Officially Concussed

It was expected to be announced, but there is just a little bit of pain when it does come down the pipe. Loui Eriksson is officially on the shelf for an indefinite period of time, diagnosed with a concussion after the suspend-able hit from Buffalo's John Scott on Wednesday night.  Eriksson stayed in a Buffalo hospital overnight and was released to fly back to Boston to rest.

Eriksson will have to go through the mandatory 1-week NHL protocol for concussions, go through the tests, but with the force and the violent nature of the hit, one would feel comfortable to speculate that he'll need more than one week.

The Bruins, as a whole, were not taking the NHL by force offensively, which is reflected in some of the numbers for some of their players and Eriksson was no exception.  Through Wednesday's games, Eriksson was ranked 279th in pool scoring, picking up 2 goals and an assist in the first eight games of the season and that's where he'll stay for the time being.

ImplicationsAs it was outlined this morning in the Pool Notes, this comes as another serious blow to Ryan M.'s season. Miller already had four players indefinitely away from their team's respective line-up and a fifth was just about going to ruin him.

As of Thursday afternoon, Ryan stands in 15th place with 67 points, 6 points out of the top 10 and 17 points out of the prizing.  The loss of Eriksson drops his projected games played down to 21, which is the lowest for the last four nights of Week Four.  In the week, he has 3 points, which isn't the worst thus far, but it isn't great either.

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