Saturday, October 19, 2013

Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 19)

According to some reports, it appears that Anaheim Ducks goalie Viktor Fasth was suffering from a lower-body injury. There was no indication that the injury was major, by any stretch, so it could just as easily been a night off for the keeper, as the Ducks called up Fredrik Andersen to back up Jonas Hiller.  It was a scheduled start for Hiller, so giving Fasth the night off was likely to rest some of his bumps and bruises.

I don't think this cost Wyllie any starts or any points and I would also suggest that Fasth should be ready for his next start.  Wyllie has dropped all the way down to 22nd this week, so he'll need his goalie back in the line-up, sooner rather than later.

It hasn't been a great start for the Winnipeg Jets, so the coaching staff decided to make a few roster moves to help boost the team, which included making forward Devin Setoguchi a healthy scratch.  In seven games this season, Setoguchi has 2 goals and 1 assist, which isn't terrible production, but he has been singled out by the coaching staff, as someone who has to get better to stay in the line-up.

Setoguchi belongs to Stacey C. this season and Stacey's team has found some early struggles this season, having dropped down to 21st in Week Three.  Stacey does have an above-average number of skater games played in the pool, but his team's scoring rate is well-below average.

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