Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nash Out At Least a Week

The initial prognosis for New York Rangers forward Rick Nash is not very good.  Nash was the recipient of a high hit from the Sharks' Brad Stuart this week, a hit that cost Stuart three games, and now Nash is already on his way back to New York to meet with team doctors and he will miss the next two road games for the Rangers, Thursday night in Anaheim and Saturday night in St. Louis.

There are some unconfirmed assumptions that Nash has suffered a concussion, which would match the initial timeframe the Rangers expect to be without one of their star forwards, 7-to-10 days.  NHL protocol on a concussion is a minimum of a week away from the ice, having to pass baseline tests before getting the go-ahead to play again.

Nash did suffer a slight concussion last season, which has everyone involved walking on eggshells, being careful not to take this head injury lightly.

In three games for the Rangers this season, Nash has only picked up 3 assists.

ImplicationsNash was the 44th overall pick in the draft this year, taken by Wyllie, who currently sits in 7th place in the standings, one of his best starts in pool history.  Losing out on a point-per-game player will be huge to Wyllie's success, especially since he isn't getting that kind of production from everyone on his team at the moment.  Teams around him are doing well early on, so he'll need Nash back as soon as possible.

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