Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Last Team to Earn Goalie Points (Oct 8)

Seeing as though we've seen a record number of teams in the draft this year, it means that there was a record number of goalies taken in the pool and the competition for goalie points has sparked my interest as a point of note, early on this year.  24 teams, 48 goalies and only 30 NHL teams... something has to give, right?

As of Tuesday morning, seven out of 24 teams have not earned any goalie points, while four teams have not seen their goalies in the net for more than 100 minutes of play yet.

With all of this being said, I think I will monitor this and make it into somewhat of a competition to see who the last team to get these points is.  I wonder if I can find a trophy or something for this honour.

The seven teams, in order of their position in the standings are as follows: Tony (5th, 117 MIN), Stacey C. (15th, 225 MIN), Clayton (16th, 19 MIN), Cindy (18th, 59 MIN), John (21st, 194 MIN), Stuart (23rd, 59 MINI) and Benson (24th 180 MIN).  As you can see, I have also included how many minutes each team has racked up in the crease already, just to see who is playing more.  Clayton, Cindy and Stuart are three out of the four teams who haven't seen over 100 minutes yet, the fourth is Mike (94 MIN), but he has 4 points already.

Tonight, we have eight games in the league... will there be any teams scratched off the list tonight?

Colorado @ Toronto... the expected starting goalies tonight are Semyon Varlamov versus James Reimer... Clayton has J-S Giguere for the Avalanche, but he isn't scheduled to start until Thursday.

Phoenix @ Long Island... none of the seven teams appear here.

Florida @ Philadelphia... the Panthers announced that Tim Thomas will get the nod against the Flyers, meaing that Jacob Markstrom, who belongs to Clayton, will sit again. Steve Mason and Ray Emery are in the mix for Benson and Cindy, haven't see the official word yet here.

Update: Mason has been given the reins for the game against the Panthers... Benson gets the start here.

Carolina @ Pittsburgh... Benson is hoping for a big day from Cam Ward, visiting the Penguins.  There is no official word as to who starts yet, but we have a team in the mix here.

Tampa Bay @ Buffalo... early on this morning, it sounds like Jhonas Enroth, who belongs to Stuart, will be getting the nod, as Ryan Miller, who belongs to Tony, is still not exactly ready to go, dealing with an injury.

Minnesota @ Nashville... nothing here.

New Jersey @ Vancouver... John has Martin Brodeur, who suffered the shootout loss last night in Edmonton, will be on the bench, as Cory Schneider returns to Vancouver to play his former team.

New York @ San Jose... nothing here either.

That's all eight games on tap for tonight.  Benson and Stuart appear to be the best bets to be stricken from the list tonight, thus far.

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