Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Flames Lose Bouma to Broken Leg

The update on Calgary Flames forward Lance Bouma came down on Wednesday afternoon and it isn't very good.  Bouma is now scheduled for surgery on a broken leg, which the team expects him to be out for three months (12 weeks or so).

Immediately, this rules the grinding forward out of action through the remainder of the first segment of the season, making him a lock for a drop at the Week Nine Waiver Draft for Derek W..  Especially since, he won't be close to returning for another three weeks after the draft and that's a lot of time already being missed by the checking forward.

Derek's team does sit in 10th spot in the standings, heading into Wednesday night's action and Bouma was his 14th round pick, so there wasn't much for high expectations on his season, regardless.  No matter which way you cut it, you really want all 14 guys active and playing for the best chance to win.  Derek is likely hoping that missing his last round pick won't be as devastating to his chances at the big money, like losing his 1st round pick could be.

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