Thursday, October 15, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Oct 15)

One more team qualified for Week Three in the goalie survivor pool, as Dale B. took a shutout win from Mike Smith of the Coyotes to move forward.  Who knew that the Coyotes would be keeping a team alive in the survivor pool?

Thursday night is going to be a busy one, with eight games on the schedule, which means 16 goalies looking to earn wins on the night.  We still have six teams to qualify for Week Three, so let's have a look at those guys this afternoon.

Upon review of the starting goalies today, all six teams have goalies on teams playing tonight, but it appears that only four of those goalies are going to get starts tonight.

We were so close to having a marquee match-up in the survivor pool from the Chicago/Washington game, but it appears that Scott Darling (Eric) is going to get the start instead of Corey Crawford (Stuart), as he takes on Braden Holtby (Jeremy) and the Capitals.   Eric already has his win, while both Jeremy and Stuart were looking for their win to keep going.  Jeremy will be the only one that gets his chance out of the gates.

The pool's third duo, Derek & Dan, will have Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist versus the Montreal Canadiens and their number one Carey Price (John S.) tonight, in what will likely be the highlight game of the night.  Two top teams in the East going head-to-head in this one.

Last year's champs, Kristy & Don, will have their number one keeper go tonight, Florida's Roberto Luongo will take on Chad Johnson (John P.) and the Buffalo Sabres tonight.

Finally, Derek W. has his shot at continuing on, as Devan Dubnyk and the Wild are the fodder for this year's early surprise, the Arizona Coyotes.  As of lunch time, it did appear that Mike Smith (Dale B.) may get back-to-back starts, but that has yet to be confirmed.

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