Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 21)

It's been rather difficult trying to find some details on the lower-body injury that Ryan Ellis has suffered, which has since kept him out of the lineup on Tuesday night, as Nashville hosted Tampa Bay, winning 5-4 in the shootout.  The injury listing is only keeping him out day-to-day for right now, so until there is any more news on this situation, that's the way it will be listed.

Ellis belongs to Ryan in the pool this year, taken in the 10th round, 261st overall.  He was off to a bit of a slow start before the injury, having only 1 assist in five games, but the Predators had yet to really find their offensive groove, until they scored five against the Lightning.  Coincidence?

Click here for the updated injury/news page on the website

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