Thursday, October 22, 2015

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 22)

It was announced pregame that Boston forward Matt Beleskey wouldn't be able to dress for the game against Philadelphia, due to an upper-body injury.  There wasn't too much made of the injury, nor was there a great deal of detail about the injury, so all we can really assume is that it is a day-to-day issue, until any other announcements are made.

At the end of the night, what it worked out to was a skater game lost for Brenda & Seward, who haven't gotten off to one of the best starts quite yet this season, but are still in pouncing range.  Their team currently sits in 22nd place, now 23 points out of 1st place.  A couple good weeks and they're back in the money picture.

It was a rough night for the Philadelphia Flyers, who are seeing a pile of injuries come down at the same time.  Before the game, the Flyers announced that forward Brayden Schenn would miss the game with an upper-body injury and his status is day-to-day.  Further speculation after the game suggested that he is dealing with a shoulder problem, but that was yet to be confirmed.  After the 1st period, the Flyers' starting goalie for the night, Michal Neuvirth, didn't return to the ice for the 2nd period, as another upper-body injury was the reason for his absence, but nothing further was released after the game.  Finally, forward Sean Couturier was the victim of an ugly high hit from Boston's Zac Rinaldo, forcing him from the game with an upper-body injury of his own.  No other updates were ready for Couturier after the game, but it sounds like there is a good chance that Rinaldo will get a call from the Department of Player Safety on Thursday.

In a quick recap, Schenn belongs to John S., who finished the night in 3rd place, while Neuvirth belongs to Neil's 1st place team, while Couturier belongs to Kristy & Don, who's team is in 18th.  Some money implications means we'll be keeping a closer look at these injuries.

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