Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Oct 28)

So, it was a day off for the goalie announcements on Tuesday and that was a busy one.  A good day to take off, no?

Anyways, already qualified for Week Five includes Stuart, Dale B., Derek W., Scott, John P. and Stacey M., having their wins come early in the week is much less stress on their well-being.  Six teams through, seven teams left to follow suit.

On Wednesday night, we have three games on the NHL schedule, so let's see if we have any more opportunities for teams to make it through.

In game one of the night, the Calgary Flames are in Ottawa to take on the Senators and Grant will get a shot to move on, as Jonas Hiller gets the nod for the visitors, taking on Craig Anderson (John P.).

Pittsburgh and Washington go head-to-head in D.C. tonight and it is expected that we'll see the top two goalies go, as it will be Marc-Andre Fleury (John R.) taking on Braden Holtby (Jeremy).  Jeremy is on the list of teams still trying to qualify for next week and his goalie gets a home game to try and accommodate.

Finally, in the last game of the night, it looks like it is a battle of two goalies trying to qualify, as Ryan's Pekka Rinne and Scott's Martin Jones will go in the game between the Predators and Sharks.  This one has the makings of being a pretty good game, besides the goaltender battle.

All six goalies are pool-related, so that will keep all the minutes in the competition, so that's good news!

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