Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Afternoon Player Notes in the Draft (Dec 8)

It's not exactly the way anyone would want their players to start after the Waiver Draft, then to be stuck in the press box as a healthy scratch.  Well, that was the case for Mikhail Grigorenko of the Colorado Avalanche, as he sat for the game against the Minnesota Wild on Monday night.  The lineup for the Avs has been anything but consistent, so there really is no surprise that players are going in and coming out on a nightly basis.  I would imagine Grigorenko will make his way back in before too long.

Grant was the one who swapped Avs teammate Blake Comeau for Grigorenko last week and to celebrate, he got nothing for it.  Literally.  Grant opened the week, losing the tie-breaker for 26th, falling to last place to start and that's where he'll also start Tuesday night's action as well.

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