Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Dec 22)

The survivor pool went 0-for-2 on Monday night, which means we still have four teams trying to qualify for Week Thirteen going into the last night before the Christmas Break.  Don't worry, survivors... we still have two more nights left after this one to qualify.

It's going to be a busy night for the league, before it slumbers and waits for the jolly fat man to arrive at their house.  10 games are on the slate and we should have some surviving to do.

The first game up among our surviving four has Ben Bishop (Allan) getting the nod for the Lightning, as they play host to the travelling Canucks, who will go with Jacob Markstrom (Wes).  It will be table buddies going head-to-head in this one, as Wes tries to spoil the fun for his pal tonight.

Kristy & Don's goalies get another shot to play spoiler, something they have seen results in thus far in the pool.  Roberto Luongo and the Panthers will try and give Craig Anderson (John P.) and the Senators a run for their money, as they both head into the break, trying to do so on a winning note.

It is expected that Stuart should be getting a start from Corey Crawford, as the Blackhawks are in Dallas before the break, likely taking on Antti Niemi and the Stars.  Niemi came in for some long relief last night for the Stars and ended up with the win, so it will be interesting to see what direction the team goes in tonight and whether or not it will be Stacey M.'s goalie in net tonight.

Out of the starters, it appears to be only three quality chances tonight, with Jeremy getting the short end of the stick to start the week.  Philipp Grubauer ended up with the Capitals start last night, which was unexpected for him and costly, since the Capitals picked up the win without Braden Holtby.

We'll have a peek at what the rest of the week will bring over the break, once all the chips fall tonight.

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