Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Dec 15)

All three teams that had goalies play last night cleared wins, now we're just left with Stuart and Dale B. trying to earn their way into Week Twelve.

Both Stuart and Dale are down to one healthy goalie each, so it makes looking up their info really easy.  Fortunately for both teams, they each have their healthy goalie going in an 11-game schedule tonight.

First, Dale will have his go, as Jaroslav Halak will get the call for the Islanders, with Roberto Luongo (Kristy & Don) and the Panthers in town for a visit.  That should be a pretty good match-up of teams and goalies, could really go either way.

Later on in the evening, Stuart will have Corey Crawford and the Blackhawks playing host to Semyon Varlamov (Kristy & Don) and the Avalanche tonight.  The Avs are starting to turn their ship around, so this game might not be very easy for our reigning Player of the Week.

And it looks like Kristy & Don are out to play spoiler in both games tonight... they could certainly earn back some of their karma from the Jeff Carter pick-up at the Waiver Draft, if they were to lose each game... sort of a way of giving back, so to speak.

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