Sunday, December 06, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Dec 6)

In a stunning upset, it appears that Scott will be eliminated from the survivor pool after this week's audit, as the pool leader in goalie wins failed to register one in Week Nine, as Jake Allen dropped his decision to the Maple Leafs last night.

Will there be a second stunning elimination from the pool on Sunday?

If Stuart didn't have Ondrej Pavelec injured at the moment, there was the possibility that his two goalies would have gone head-to-head to keep him from being eliminated, but that isn't the case this afternoon, as the Winnipeg Jets will likely go with Michael Hutchinson (Mike) tonight and Stuart will have to rely on Corey Crawford to get the job done for his team.

The Jets played yesterday afternoon against the Capitals, while the Blackhawks had the day off, so it will be an interesting match-up, to say the least.  It's a 3pm MT start, so we'll know early, whether or not Stuart continues.

I know a lot of teams are keen on getting their new talent into their pool lineup, as that happens tomorrow and not tonight... or last night... so teams like Cindy and Clayton will have to wait and scout their new goalies, Anders Nilsson and John Gibson, respectively, as they go tonight, however not head-to-head.  Nilsson gets the start against the Sabres, while Gibson is expected to start against the Penguins.

Andrei Vasilevskiy should get the start for the Lightning, giving Mike a pair of starts tonight, as he goes against the Kings in the late game.

And maybe a game of interest, as the Panthers are in the swamp to face the Devils, it will be Roberto Luongo (Kristy & Don) against Cory Schneider (Troy)... and if I have to explain the reason why this gets mentioned, well... I'm sad for you.

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