Thursday, December 03, 2015

Sutter's Status Degrades

A couple of weeks ago, the Vancouver Canucks announced that the abdominal injury that Brandon Sutter has would be re-evaluated after about this amount of time and the hope was, that time to heal would have helped him jump back into the lineup.  That wasn't the case.

On Wednesday, the team announced that Sutter had undergone successful sports hernia surgery and his recovery from that will be in the 4-to-6 week range, which will take a good chunk of the second segment season.

Sutter's value has now diminished significantly, which leaves Dale B. with a bit of a decision to make with his 2nd round move in the Waiver Draft, which is coming up pretty soon.  There isn't a great deal of talent left on the board, but whatever is there, will be available to him, if he so chooses to drop Sutter at the time.

Dale currently sits in 3rd place, after Wednesday night's action, only 3 points out of 1st place.

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