Saturday, December 26, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Dec 26)

Four teams left, none have qualified, two nights left, who will survive?  (Cue the the ominous music!)

Three of the four teams will have a chance at qualification tonight, as John P., Allan and Jeremy, in that order (according to the schedule) will have their shots, while Stuart will have to wait for his only shot on Sunday night.

John had his goalie confirmed early on Saturday morning, as Chad Johnson is expected to be in the net for the Buffalo Sabres, when they take on Jonas Gustavsson (Stacey C.) and the Boston Bruins tonight.  This is a tough one for John, but he should also have another start on Sunday, if this one doesn't go his way.

In Tampa Bay tonight, Columbus rookie goalie Joonas Korpisalo (non-pool) is going to try and play spoiler for Allan, as he takes on Ben Bishop and the Bolts.  The Lightning have already beaten the Finnish freshman once this season, so a second time doesn't sound out of the question.  Allan, who's team is in 17th, could really use this money this year, obviously keeping his interest in the pool with a mini-game.

As expected, the Washington Capitals will throw their number one goalie to the Montreal Canadiens at home tonight, as Braden Holtby will go against in Mike Condon, Jeremy's goalie versus John R.'s new goalie.  Jeremy and John are at polar opposite sides of the pool, one fighting for money and the other fighting to get out of the basement and the Caps can't take the slumping Habs for granted tonight.  Could be a good one.

The only other money ranking team in the standings, not in the survivor pool, belongs to Brenda & Seward, who have made the jump up this week.  They have Jonathan Quick going for the Kings tonight, as they will face non-pool keeper Louis Domingue and the Arizona Coyotes.

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