Friday, December 11, 2015

Hamhuis Out Indefinitely

On Thursday, Vancouver defenseman Dan Hamhuis underwent surgery to repair his jaw, which was injured earlier this week, when he took a Dan Boyle slap shot into the side of the head against the Rangers on Wednesday night.

The timeline for his return has still yet to be determined, but you would have to imagine that there will be a few weeks missed, at the very least, before coming back with a full facial shield.

It hasn't been a great year for the veteran defender, as his offensive numbers are nowhere near where they have been in the past, only having picked up 4 assists in 27 games this year, which ranks him 523rd in pool scoring this year.  A far cry from being relevant for the hockey pool, even with 27 teams.

Unfortunately for John R., he had some bigger fish to fry at the Week Nine Waiver Draft, so he was stuck with Hamhuis through Week Nine, but you would have to think that he has his name in for the Week Eighteen process already.

Heading into the weekend, John's team sits in 27th, now 9 points back of 26th.

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