Thursday, December 31, 2015

Race to the Sin Bin (Dec 31)

In all likelihood, Wes will be finishing the calendar year with the most PIM in the mini-game and it looks like his team will have some chances to pad their lead, which goes into New Year's Eve with only 28 minutes between his team and Dale B.'s.

Wes' hired gun at the Waiver Draft, Cody McLeod, will go for the Avalanche against the Blackhawks tonight and then he'll have some support from Evgeni Malkin, who ranks as his 2nd-gooniest player of the night.

Dale B.'s team will also have a hired gun going, as Antoine Roussel and the Stars will play host to the Predators, who have a couple more of Wes' goons on it.

Now in 3rd place, Derek & Dan are having a very good week in this competition, leading the pool with 28 minutes in Week Thirteen, they'll have Justin Abdelkader going for the Red Wings against the Penguins and Shane Doan going for the Coyotes in the late game against the Jets.  Nothing that really says, gooning it up!

Brian and Dale C. are now starting to tail off a bit and neither team have players in the 40+ minute range of goons, so there are no real expectations for movement for those sides.

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